Interactive walkabout
360 Interactive Walkabout
October 23, 2020
January 21, 2021
The 360 interactive walkabout invites you to explore the spaces in question, pin point your comments, ideas or questions inside a 360 virtual walk through experience.
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Detailed Overview

What exactly is the interactive walkabout?

The interactive walkabout is a new way for you to view and comment on both Kingsbury and Market Square, at a time to suit you. It combines the plans and panoramic photos of the existing spaces, and creates the opportunity for you to feedback to us in a more specific and interactive way.

How does it work?

When you click to launch the interactive walk, our Confers project site will load and will present you with the opportunity to view the plan of the two squares, click through to view 360 panoramic views that we took when we visited the site in August.  You can click on info hotspots to see what we have observed about the space, and you can read our questions to you, and other people’s responses. You can also leave your own ideas and feedback for us to consider and we hope you do.  When you respond, you can pinpoint your response directly on the virtual tour photos.  We’ve set this up as a forum discussion, so people can see your comments if you subscribe to the site,  you can also ask questions and we will respond.

When you post your comments you will randomly be assigned a pseudonym so that your comments become anonymous. We encourage you to subscribe with the site so that you can come back to your comments at any time and receive updates on the activity. Also, if you are subscribed, your comments will be posted immediately, but if you choose not to subscribe please be aware that it may take a little longer for your comments to appear. Any inappropriate or offensive posts will be removed.

The interactive virtual walkthrough works best on a desktop or tablet. It will be viewable on mobile devices, but may take you a little longer to comment.

How is this different to the questionnaire?

Unlike the questionnaire, which had a set of broad questions to help us understand the big issues, this consultation tool is much more visual, and shows you the actual spaces we are redesigning, inviting you to comment directly on what you see.

How will we use your ideas?

Your observations, feedback and ideas help us check the designs on the drawing board as they are developed.

We are genuinely interested to see what you have to say. If we don’t understand or have questions someone from the team might ask you to clarify. However every insight is useful to the design team as it develops its understanding of an existing space or current design challenge, so whether your input is completely unique and is of immediate relevance to a specific area of the square, or it just reinforces what others are saying, we want to hear it - you never know how it could help as the design evolves.

How long will this be available for?

We hope to keep the interactive walk going for two or three weeks, and after that time it will still be visible but you won't be able to comment.

Please find the time to take a walk with us.

‍If you care about the future design of these two spaces, we think it is worth taking some time to engage with us through the interactive walkabout. Even if you have already told us your feedback via the questionnaire, seeing the actual spaces that we are looking at whilst leaving your feedback is a good way to be more specific and help us design a better square for you.

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